Online Library Services

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R. G. Flexon Memorial Library supports the programs of God’s Bible School 和 大学 和 demonstrate their commitment to academic excellence 和 the development of lifelong learning through the provision of quality information resources, services 和 training. 

The 图书馆 provides services for online students during the duration of semesters.   


All bte365官网地址 students are able to access the 图书馆 catalog online at http://图Books馆 

Circulation Services

Online students may circulate items by contacting the 图书馆. 

bte365类型 Circulation Period
普通的书 21 Days, 1 renewal
储备的书 2小时
参考书 Do Not Circulate
Print Periodicals Do Not Circulate
DVD, VHS 7 Days, 1 renewal
CD 21 Days, 1 renewal

续签 may be requested in person by phone or email ((513) 763-6657 or 图书馆 or by logging in to personal account at 图书馆 

Patrons with fines greater than $10.00 (or items overdue for greater than 45 days) may not be allowed to check out items. Patrons who lose/destroy items will be billed for the cost of replacement 和 charged a processing fee of $5.每件00美元. Fines should be paid at the Circulation Desk. If a patron is unable to physically visit the 图书馆 to pay the fine, the patron should contact the 图书馆 at 图书馆 to make appropriate arrangements. 


All circulating materials are subject to recall for the Course Reserve Shelf. When a recall notice is issued, the original due date is cancelled 和 a new due date is established by which the patron must return the item.

Mail Service for Library Items

Regular books (general stacks) can be posted out to distance education students. 学生 will be responsible for the cost of postage as well as to return items by the specified due date (图书馆 mail or media mail is fine if the student is unable to physically bring item/s to the 图书馆 by appropriate due date). To request a title from the Flexon Library visit bte365官网地址 库 Inter图书馆 Loan Request Form. Student will be send item via USPS, or email.

Items should be posted back to the 图书馆 using the address:

God’s Bible School & 大学
R. G. Flexon Memorial Library ILL Services
1810 Young Street Cincinnati, OH 45202


The campus libraries facilitate access to many electronic resources, covering a variety of subjects. Library databases may be accessed by visiting http://图Books馆 . Databases include but are not limited to: ATLA+Serials, JSTOR,Academic Search Elite. 学生 will need to confirm their bte365官网地址 student affiliation by entering their network username 和 password.  

注意: Usernames 和 passwords usually follow this pattern:

  • 用户名:乔.白色(firstname.姓)
  • Password: whit1234 (1st 4 letters of the last name 和 the student’s ID number)

If students are unable to log in to the electronic research databases with these credentials, they may request assistance by email 图书馆

Inter图书馆 Loan 和 Electronic Document Delivery

The campus libraries offer inter图书馆 loan (ILL) 和 electronic document delivery. For further clarification on ILL policies, please contact inter图书馆  or visit this link: bte365官网地址 库 Inter图书馆 Loan Policies.